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Our Happy Happy Story "I loved this place. I came here every Saturday with my dad." I heard it over and over. From the Synder Enviromental tech to the Rumpke driver and those stopping by, almost all have told me that they loved the place. Many of you call it Quality Surplus. The older you are, the more likely you are to use its earlier name, Davis Salvage.    Before Menards, before Lowes, before Walmart, It was the place you went to buy hardware and "more things of a kind…and more kinds of a thing." It was 50,000 square feet of hardware, distressed merchandise, bankruptcy closeouts, odd lots and overruns, seconds and every kind of happy surprise.    Children tagged along with dads to Quality Surplus to find a new selection of treasures every week.    Quality Surplus became Quality Carpet and unfortunately didn't make it through the massive downturn of the housing market. The store closed in 2008.    That's where our story crosses this story. We moved to Columbus in 2005 to serve at Faith Lutheran Church on State Road 46 west. We fell in love with Columbus and its history, with J. Irwin and Xenia Miller's commitment and investment to the beauty of this city.    Our mission in life is to leave things better than when we found them and to make things beautiful again. So we took on the challenge of renovating, restoring, and repurposing this aged building, making it into something beautiful for its neighborhood and for Columbus.    We are extremely grateful for the whole team who made this happen.    We hope you are as happy with this place as we are and that Columbus is a bit better because of it.
—Todd & Krista Riordan

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